I’ve been living around here for years

But some individual still trying to interfere

My movement … Cuz they’re ignorant

But I will teach them some wisdom mixed with common sense so this

Goes out to residents … Trying to block my references

Vacate the premises … Your knowledge is limited

Just check my evidence … Never served no burgerses

I drop the emphasis … To the ones who’s listening

Legend like the Pegasus … Soul Hop the nemesis

Spit like I’m venomous … Judge me cuz I’m Arabic

Load, clip, affirmative … Revolutionist, Activist

Freedom, we’re searching it … Music conservative

Test my constitious … Real I’m still keeping it

Profit of righteousness … You sound ridiculous

My peoples like … What is this? Witness the turbulence

Take notes, experience … 10 men can’t handle it

So damn addictive … Loving it or killing it

Positive or negative … I don’t care if you’re sick of this

Elevate, don’t miss … To the presidents too

Cuz in the end, I’m a human … Just like you!

مختارات من الصور من حول العالم