Ready or not, Ozone is taking over

Position on the front line stand like a soldier

Got you hanging our map on the wall like a poster

Your mind is playing tricks on you like a roller coaster

There is no competition cuz we’re players of the same team

But the hate has blinded you, and that’s far as you can see

I’m speaking on behalf of my people overseas

We have no choice … Why call it democracy?


Follow the instructions … Don Legend introduction

Conjunction junction … What’s your function?

To illustrate as I’m entering your premises

Violating properties with bunch of hypocrites

I’m the # 1 contender … The Middle East representer

From spring to fall … From summer to winter

When I enter the center, I’ll be my people’s defender

A Taurus and a Gemini signs mixed in the blender

مختارات من الصور من حول العالم