I came to party

Soon as I enter the club I spot this shorty

Time time for some action, cuz you know that I am the man

Hit you with a game that make you say hot damn!

I pop the collar … I drop the dollar … I make them ladies wanna holla and follow

My Chevy Impala with my one and only partner

As I rock the product that I call the oochi walla

Up jump the boogie to the bang bang boogie

To the boogie boogie bang … I let my ?!?! hang … Out the window maing

Understand the plan, kamelion don’t love them ?!?! …

Slam them on the table like dominos 4 sho!

Looking for them ladies, raised in the 80’s

Driving Mercedes, who’s driving me crazy

L to the E G … E to the N D

In the Heezy 4 Sheezy my Nizy as I get busy

مختارات من الصور من حول العالم